Wednesday, 11 April 2012

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Losing Weight

At its most basic, weight loss is a matter of simple mathematics. Adding activity and subtracting calories equals weight loss. The challenge lies in doing these two things in ways that you can keep up for the long run. Fad diets that eliminate entire food groups are not only unhealthy, they're unsustainable. Exercising for hours every day is for models and movie stars, it's not real life.

Lose fat by making friends with your body instead of trying to punish it into shape.

Have Fun Fearlessly

There are many exercises that you can do that are very fun and it's important to feel you can do them fearlessly. Try out swimming, either on the beach or in a recreation center. From swimming laps, aquatic therapy, to even diving are all great ways to exercise and lose weight. Another fun activity to do with some friends is dancing. You can't let your weight turn you away from the things you love most. It's as good for your soul as it is for your body.

Bring in a Healthier Diet

All too often, diets focus on what you have to take off your table. Anyone would feel deprived if every meal meant fewer flavors, less variety and less food. Instead, turn that thinking around and look for ways to add a
healthier diet with low-calorie foods that are packed with nutrition. When you add bulk in the form of extra lettuce and tomatoes on your sandwich or heaping helpings of spinach with your steak, you'll naturally have less room for the foods that offer more calories and fewer nutrients.

Move More

Dedicated exercise sessions boost your
metabolism and speed up weight loss, but they aren't the only form of exercise. Every time you do a little light housecleaning, walk to the store or play with your kids, you're burning calories. When you pick the stairs over the elevator or walk from a more distant parking spot, you're making it easier for your body to burn excess fat. You'll also have more fun when you're more active.

Keeping Track with a Food Diary

A study published in the American Journal for Preventive Medicine found that people who simply tracked what they ate lost twice as much as study participants who didn't keep a
food journal. Potentially doubling your weight loss couldn't be easier, especially with the number of calorie trackers available for your computer or smart phone.

Diet and exercise doesn't have to be a grim sentence of privation. Explore new culinary delights and enjoy the exercise you loved as a child, and you'll enjoy the journey of weight loss as much as you love your destination.

Brandon's an avid runner and fitness blogger that works with HydroWorx pools. HydroWorx is a world leader in aquatic therapy equipment, exercise pools, swim spas and portable underwater treadmills for sports and healthcare.