Friday, 18 May 2012

3 Reasons to Go to a Weight Loss Boot Camp

Weight loss is never easy. You’ve most likely been through plenty of New Year’s resolutions that went something along the lines of , “I’m going to exercise more”, or “I’m going to cut out fatty foods in my diet”. How long do these last? One week? Maybe two? If you’re constantly struggling with weight loss, including exercising and eating healthy, here are three great reasons to go to a weight loss boot camp.

1. Motivation

This is the top reason to go to a weight loss boot camp. When we make a resolution to lose weight, regardless of the time of year, we often break that resolution shortly after implementing it, simply because we have no motivation. We have no one standing next to us with a hand on our shoulder saying, “I’m here to help you.” We quickly drop off our good habits and go right back to our old ways. Boot camps don’t let that happen. They never let up on you, and they keep you charged and coming back for more each and every day, so your bad habits become old habits.

2. Eat Right, All the Time

Under a weight loss boot camp, your diet is strictly monitored. You're never allowed to sneak food in, and you never have access to the foods that may be bad for you. With weight loss boot camps you get plenty of food, but only that which will enhance the speed of your metabolism and give you energy to burn off more calories. Plus, you’ll learn great cooking tips and tricks to keep eating healthy even after you’ve completed the course.

3. Exercise…the Proper Way

At weight loss boot camps, you not only have intense exercise classes, but they train you to exercise properly. Previously, you’ve probably been the victim of poor exercise habits. While you may think you’re burning calories and getting fit, you’re actually doing physical harm to your body, which can seriously hurt you down the road. With weight loss boot camps, you get the proper instruction to have the maximum impact on your waist line, while learning to keep your body in top form while you work out. About the author: Jane is a writer for New You Boot Camp, a weight loss boot camp with locations all over Europe.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rugby Star’s Tiling Challenge Goes Viral

Former international rugby player Lewis Moody M.B.E was called upon to test Elastoplast’s new Extra Tough plaster and it proved a huge success!

The ex-rugby captain and part-time DIY guru has become a viral hit after taking on a Vertical Tiling challenge.

The 33-year-old has turned into a huge sensation on YouTube after being videoed trying to tile a wall whilst being tied to a rope. The ‘Extreme DIY with Elastoplast Extra Tough’ clip involves the sportsman running back and forth with plaster and tiles in a nail-biting race against the stopwatch but the tongue in cheek video shows him falling all over the place as he is catapulted back by the spring.

Despite spilling plaster all over himself and being in a race against the horn, Moody shows just how super sticky, durable and waterproof the new plasters are no matter how extreme the DIY task is!

But why was the sportsman the perfect candidate? The English rugby union player from Berkshire recently announced his retirement from the game in March of this year. With so much spare time on his hands, he has starting to enjoy a spot of DIY as well as take part in extreme sports like wakeboarding. And as many people know, accidents can happen when participating in dangerous sports as well as trying to put up a shelf or fix a leaking tap around the home.

The video has already received over 100,000 views and if you fancy checking out the hilarious clip you can watch it by clicking on the video below or by clicking here. Next week Brits can watch how the Extreme Tough plaster copes against bandsaw skateboards!