Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Keeping Fit with Cancer

Dealing with cancer can be an emotional experience for anyone. Luckily, there have been advancements in cancer treatments, and doctors are able to more effectively treat these diseases. Mesothelioma and other aggressive cancers are now able to be treated more successfully because of these advancements. Even though treatment has advanced tremendously, the cancer patient can do many things to help his or her response to the treatment. A great way for a cancer patient to improve his or her health is to participate in some type of exercise program. The patient can participate in this program individually, or he or she can participate as part of a group.

Before the cancer patient begins the exercise program, he or she should make sure to speak with their doctor. Once the patient begins the exercise program, he or she will begin to strengthen different parts of his or her body. Not only will the exercise strengthen parts of the body, but it will also allow the individual to shed unnecessary fat, lower his or her blood pressure, and give him or her more energy throughout the day. Lack of energy is one of the main effects that cancer treatments has on a person.

Cancer can affect many parts of the body; therefore, the unaffected parts of the body should be kept in good working condition. Exercise is known for its ability to fight off diseases, so as the person exercises, he or she decreases the risk of the cancer spreading to the other body parts. Furthermore, as the person exercises more, he or she is able to strengthen the parts of the body that are already affected by the cancer.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, he or she will experience many different emotions. Two of the most common emotions are anger and sadness. With exercise, the person will be able to improve his or her mood. Exercise releases endorphins throughout the body, which are the chemicals that allow the mind to experience feelings of pleasure.

Unless a person has gone through cancer, he or she may not understand how much it affects the body. It will affect a person physically and emotionally; however, if exercise routines are done during this time, the person can improve his or her prognosis and overall health.